How is Pathways different from other public schools in the district?

Pathways is a public charter school, and in many ways, operates similarly to any other public school. However, the fact that it is a charter allows us the opportunity to pursue public education in a very innovative way and offer unique opportunities that are not otherwise available at other public schools in our district and elsewhere.

Where will Pathways be located?

Pathways is located at the Mutual Mall (1043 S. Main St) next to City Hall. 

Are there prerequisites for admission Pathways? 

No, Pathways is a public school. 

What electives will be offered?

Pathways students will be able to take elective courses at the High Schools and Badger Middle School. Electives will be offered hours 1-3 at the high school and hours 1-2 at Badger. Students will be bused from each school to Pathways after the elective hours are over. If a student does not enroll in electives at either school, they will have elective time at Pathways.

Do you have to pay tuition to attend Pathways?

Pathways is a public school so no tuition is charged. Students may have an instructional fee similar to other West Bend School District Schools.

How many students will be involved in Pathways? 

Pathways Governance Council sets the number of seats available each school year. For the 2014-2015 school year there will be 99 seats fro students in grades 7-10. Pathways will continue to add a grade going up each school year until we become a 7-12 school.

What will the daily schedule look like at Pathways?

Click Here to look at the schedule as it is developed as of today. 

Will a student at Pathways be able to participate in co-curricular activities and sports?

Middle school students can participate in any co-curricular activities and sports at Badger Middle School and high school students can participate in any co-curricular activities and sports offered at West Bend East and West High Schools.

What school will I be assigned to for sports, co-curricular activities and elective courses?

Students will be aligned to either East or West High School based upon the current enrollment rules set forth by the West Bend School District. 

Do students stay in Pathways once they are enrolled? 

We expect students to enroll with the expectation of completing a 6-year curriculum. We understand, however, that changing goals and priorities is a natural part of the high school experience. Students may fully integrate back into the regular middle and high school curriculum if it is determined that this is the best place for them after each school year.

What if my child has unique Health / Medical Conditions?

While Pathways will not have an onsite district nurse, we will have nursing services available to us.

If you would like to discuss your child's health / medical condition with our district nurses, please contact Sally Spaeth at 262-707-1368

or Bobbie Sieczkowski at 262-306-4640.

How will the transcript for a Pathways student differ from that of another student?

Pathways will provide transcripts that reflect credit and grades for classes similar to the transcripts in the other West Bend School District Schools.

Will letter grades be assigned in Pathways? 

Yes - Even though Pathways is a standards based school, final grades for each semester are calculated to a standard letter grade.

How will I know I am learning the complete curriculum for a class if I am earning credit through short seminars, projects and workshops?

All learning targets for complete classes will be entered into Project Foundry which is our online standards grading system at the beginning of each academic year. As students complete seminars, workshops and projects, they know exactly which targets have been met and which targets they have yet to complete. This will allow students to choose seminars that not only meet their interests, but also meet academic credit requirements. Parents, students and teachers are able to access and collaborate on student progress at any time.

What is an ILP?

ILP stands for individual learning plan. Each student at Pathways will have an ILP that is created specifically for their learning needs so they can hit grade level learning targets. Students at Pathways will also be creating a post-secondary educational plan for their selected career choice.

Will I be able to move at a faster or slower pace than my peers?

Yes! Differentiation and individualized learning are key foundations to the Pathways curriculum.  Students will be working to meet their unique needs, as reflected by their individualized learning plans. 

If I go to Pathways, does that mean I am planning to go straight to the workforce instead of college?

Not at all! Pathways students will be ready to be successful in credit bearing post-secondary coursework, post-secondary apprenticeships as well as the workforce; whichever they decide is the pathway for them!